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Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Guadalupe Conference. Doral, Florida

The society of St. Vincent de Paul is a global non-profit catholic organization, founded in Paris in 1833 by a group of catholic laypeople, who teamed up to create the first Conference and which, from its origins until today has it members called VINCENTIANS, to follow the call to serve Christ through service to the poor and needy, while testifying the love of Christ.

Members show their commitment through the contact of person to person. The Vincentian serve with hope any work or charity, including any form of assistance to alleviate the suffering and to promote human dignity in all its dimensions to any person, without discrimination of race, creed or nationality.

The Vincentians go all-out to find the poor or needed, the forgotten victims of exclusion or those facing adversity. Our support ranges from providing food, money for payment of rents, utilities, attend to the sick, etc.

The society of St. Vincent de Paul, is currently in more than 150 countries worldwide and in the United States of America serves more than 4,600 communities, helping more than 14 million people each year.

The Guadalupe Conference was recently created at Doral, before the urgent need to help the neediest in our community. To accomplish out its objectives of aid, the society of St. Vincent de Paul requires funds and donations which members of the community can make by visiting our website