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April 19th: Good Friday

  • 1:00 pm Stations of the Cross in English.
  • 3:00 pm Via Crucis en Espa├▒ol.
  • 6:00 pm Celebration of the Passion of Our Lord in English.
  • 8:00 pm Celebraci├│n de la Pasi├│n de Nuestro Se├▒or en Espa├▒ol (No Mass at 7:00 am or 12:15 pm).

April 20th: Holy Saturday

  • 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Confessions
  • 8:00 pm Easter Vigil in Bilingual (No Mass at 5:30 pm or 7:00 pm).

April 21st: Easter Sunday

  • 8:30 am English Mass
  • 10:00 am Spanish Mass
  • 11:45 am English Mass
  • 1:30 pm Spanish Mass
  • 7:00 pm Spanish Mass

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On behalf of the staff of the parish I want to wish you a Happy and Blessed Easter 2019. Let us pray for one another so that we may feel the presence of the Risen Christ around us now and forever.

Happy Easter!

- Fr. Israel Mago


Fr. Israel Mago would like to congratulate the following parishioners:

Congratulations to those who receive the Holy Baptism, First Communion and the Confirmation on Easter Vigil
Abreu, Alexandra Alvarado, Mateo Bianca-Corio, Maria Victoria
Bianca-Corio, Santiago Briceno Perez, Veronyka Alejandra Cardozo, Santiago
Castillo-McCollum, Iliana Darianys Castillo-McCollum, Jayliam Dariel Di Lena, Sebastian
Garcia, David Andres Gonzalez, Kaira Josefina Gonzalez, Lester
Isso, Isabella Lopez Ortiz, Sebastian Masri, Miguel
Masri, Salim Moreno Ortiz, Adelis Manuel Pena, Anthony
Ramos Perez, Jose Alejandro Sierra, Adrianna Trinidad, Daniel Mauricio
Villa, Nicole
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