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If there is one word that stands out in today's readings, it is "covenant." God's faithfulness and goodness serve as examples to us of how to live. Genesis tells the story of Noah and of God's covenant not only with all people, but with all of nature. Never will the cleansing waters of the flood bring their destructive power to all the earth again. The sign, the reminder to both God and nature, is the rainbow in the heavens.

The psalm reminds us of this compassion of God, and begs God to remember us, not because of our goodness, but because of God's goodness and fidelity to the promise. God shows us how to be good, not by decree, but by example.

Examinations of conscience

The 30 questions proposed by Pope Francis to make a good confession:

Relationship with God
  • Do I only address God in case of need?
  • Do I regularly participate in Mass on Sundays and holidays?
  • Do I start and end my day with prayer?
  • Blasphemous in vain the name of God, of the Virgin, of the saints?
  • Have I been ashamed to manifest myself as a Catholic?
  • What do I do to grow spiritually, how do I do it, when do I do it?
  • Do I rebel against the designs of God?
  • Do I want Him to do my will?
Relationship with my neighbor
  • I can forgive, I have understanding, I help my neighbor?
  • Do I judge without mercy as much in thought as in words?
  • Have I slandered, robbed, despised the humble and the defenseless?
  • Am I envious, angry, or partial?
  • Am I ashamed of the flesh of my brothers, do I worry about the poor and the sick?
  • Am I honest and fair to all or do I feed the culture of discarding?
  • Do I encourage others to do evil?
  • Do I observe conjugal and family morals taught by the Gospel?
  • How do I fulfill my responsibility for the education of my children?
  • Do I honor my parents?
  • Have I rejected the newly conceived life?
  • Have I collaborated to do it?
  • Do I respect the environment?
Relationship with me
  • Am I a little worldly and a little believer?
  • How do I drink, smoke or have a lot of fun?
  • Do I worry too much about my physical health, my assets?
  • How do I use my time?
  • I'm lazy?
  • Do I like to be served?
  • I love and cultivate purity of heart, of thoughts, of actions?
  • Numerous revenges, food grudges?
  • Am I merciful, humble, and peacemaker?
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